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        3 xổ số miền nam


        News Service

        Race hate crimes – collateral damage of Covid-19?

        In this wide-ranging and disturbing interview, Suresh Grover and Dorothea Jones[1] describe how a combination of Covid-19-linked racism, the ‘Blame China’ narrative and lockdown social distancing measures, are impacting on the caseload of The Monitoring Group; and reflect on the weak responses from the multiple agencies that should be assisting.

        April 20, 2020

        Is the ‘war on Covid-19’ morphing into a war on the poor?

        The pandemic is revealing the ways in which global health outcomes are shaped by race, class and indigeneity.

        April 9, 2020

        Coronavirus – a roundup of race and civil liberties issues (25 March – 8 April 2020)

        ?Below we publish a round up of race and civil liberties issues related to coronavirus in the UK and Europe. See our regular calendar of racism and resistance here.

        April 9, 2020

        Calendar of racism and resistance (25 March – 8 April 2020)

        A fortnightly resource for anti-racist and social justice campaigns, highlighting key?events in the UK and Europe

        April 9, 2020

        ‘They left me nothing’

        South Yorkshire Migration & Asylum Action Group continues to investigate and support people confined in horrendous conditions during the Covid-19 lock down.

        April 1, 2020

        Upcoming Events

        Viva Declaration!

        Join?Tagné + Kooj for a performance of global-jazz music and live-mixed video about migration and borders.

        April 25, 2020